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Lost in the Andes

June 09, 2017

The setting sun cast purplish hues on the Santiago cityscape, and the muted glow of street lamps and apartment windows beamed through the dense smog as they ignited in the late evening. It was a bittersweet beauty to behold, as we balanced precariously on the side of a mountain in the Andes, 6000 feet above the waning bustle of the metropolis below.


Beyond a nearby cliff, the pulsing clap of helicopter blades against the wind seemed to amplify. My friend and I readied our makeshift flag — a college banner tied to the limb of a dead cactus — and waved it rigorously when the chopper emerged from the bend. It seemed to miss seeing us again, as it had for the past half hour. ...

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Travel Impact Spotlight

This blog series features startup company founders committed to changing how we travel. These startups bring travelers closer to the people and culture of their destination, lessen the negative impact of travel on the environment, and benefit local communities from all parts of the world.

Guides of Keteka

This campaign offers an inside look into the lives of the tour guides who work with Keteka to lead travelers on authentic, exciting, and meaningful adventures in Latin America. We shared more guides' stories on Keteka's Facebook and Instagram pages. 

Digging Deep

April 01, 2018

Thunder claps, and darkness shrouds the rippling grasslands within minutes.


In the Mongolian steppe, storms blow in quickly with no warning. The team of student archaeologists know only moments remain before a torrent of rain rolls over the mountains and damages the site they’ve carefully excavated, exposing it to the impending elements like an open wound in the Earth.


The students shovel quickly, backfilling the void as the wind picks up. ....

Speaking for the Trees

June 30, 2017

On an unusually balmy February afternoon, warm light seeped through the branches of ironwood trees and cast spots on the red walls of the elegant sunroom in the Craig Administrative Center.


Once the home of WKU’s first president, Henry Hardin Cherry, the building now houses the office of President Gary Ransdell. Antiques, framed portraits of past university officials and old campus maps adorn its halls and reflect a legacy of leadership and grounds development. Long before his 20 years of presidency will come to an end in late June, Ransdell had already begun the process of imparting his own unique legacy. ...

Killer Queen

December 01, 2016

Glittery spandex dresses and glossy wigs littered the backstage floor of 643 Sports Bar and Grill in Bowling Green as drag queens joked with one another before their performance on Oct. 7.


Queens lounged in pantyhose and fastened corsets with contoured cleavage.


Huddled in a corner before an illuminated mirror, Harrisburg senior Lane French perfected his makeup after four hours of preparation for his first show as a cast member of the O’Haras of Bowling Green, a local group of drag queens.​ ...

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Lexington transgender educator works to break down barriers, provide knowledge and resources

June 24, 2015

Caitlyn Jenner's presence on the glossy cover of the July issue of Vanity Fair magazine incited a powerful moment of visibility for the transgender community, including the one in Lexington.

But the moment was soon followed by a vitriolic backlash that affected more than the Olympian turned Hollywood reality star.

"I worked in social justice for 10 years and I got emotional reading some of the hate online," said J'Lissabeth Faughn, a Lexington-based transgender educator and social justice activist. "It's really vicious." ....

Danville's Pioneer Playhouse celebrates a legacy of summer nights under the stars

June 04, 2015

DANVILLE — Amid a forest of pines and off a small country road in Boyle County lies an eclectic dreamland.

Elements combined from movie sets from the golden age of cinema create a replica of a Western pioneer town, which surrounds an intimate outdoor theater.

Each summer, homegrown actors join those flown in from across the country to engage audiences with lively comedy and a rich history of theater. ...

A trashy van sparks big life questions explored in The Ford Theatre Reunion's new album

July 23, 2015

The Ford Theatre Reunion dedicates its new album, Legends & Landmarks, to its junky old band van, which adorns the CD cover in all its incompetent glory.

The van's operation on the road was as unpredictable as Ford Theatre's kinetic concert antics and bizarre eclectic sound.

"It was the worst vehicle there ever was," says Alex Johns, Ford Theatre singer, clarinet and keyboard player.​ ...

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